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  3. 企业新闻

    New distributor in the Brazilian market 2019/9/11
    Distributor Recruitment 2017/1/4
    ZWZ Group Keeps Winning the Honor of Top 100 Enterprise in China Machinery Industry 2016/6/21
    ZWZ in Media: With the Help of “External Brain”, ZWZ Group Strengthen Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions to Promote the Transformation and Upgrading by Opening 2016/6/21
    Mr. Meng Wei had been Appointed as Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of ZWZ Group 2016/4/29
    5 Projects of ZWZ obtained Dalian City Science and Technology Progress Award 2016/4/29
    60 Years sincere cooperation with ZWZ and FAW, from the first set of “JIE FANG” branded truck—ZWZ obtained FAW JIEFANG “Excellent Supplier” Award 2016/4/26
    ZWZ Group Made Breakthrough in High-end Product Research and Development 2016/4/26
    ZWZ Wind Power Accelerator Bearing Production Created a New Record 2016/4/26
    ZWZ Elevator Tractor Bearing Has Been Put Out Smoothly 2015/6/29
    ZWZ Wind Power Mainshaft Bearing Passed GL Certification 2015/6/29
    ZWZ’s NDT Technique Made Breakthroughs 2015/6/29
    Exported Wind Power Bearing Set A New Record Through Lean Manufacturing Project 2015/6/29
    ZWZ Cooperates With Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. On Metro Bearings 2015/5/27
    ZWZ Is Awarded An Honor Of “National May 1st Labor Certificate” 2015/5/27
    ZWZ Has The Ability To Carry Out Mass Production Of CC Design Spherical Roller Bearings 2015/5/27
    ZWZ with Its Brand KRW Participated In Hannover Messe 2015 2015/5/14
    ZWZ Receives Order From The Biggest Globally Individual Auto Manufacture 2015/5/14
    The Ability Of Testing Bearing Improves Substantially 2015/5/14
    ZWZ Europe R&D Center Goes Into Operation 2015/5/14
    ZWZ Signed the Agreement for Technical Cooperation with KRW 2015/5/14
    A World-famous Steel Company Signed An Agreement with ZWZ 2015/5/14
    A Japanese World Machine Company Visited ZWZ 2015/5/14
    ZWZ is capable to supply exported motor bearings in volume with the highest level in the world 2015/5/14
    ZWZ Group Won Best Quality Award of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group 2015/5/14
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