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  3. Enterprise News
    Distributor Recruitment
    2017/1/4 15:25:58

    A. The conditions of distributor recruitment:

    Welcome the excellent bearing and transmission distributor to join us, the detail as follows:

    1. The business license and approved document, the registered capital no less than USD200,000;

    2. The company should have goodwill and good public image

    3. More than three years experience in bearing or transmission business, having the ability to provide market survey, develop plan and annual report;

    4. Well served sales organization and qualified business support

    5. Certain amount of wear house and services after sales.

    B. The area of distribution market

    Middle Europe: Germany, Australia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

    West Europe: British, Ireland, Nederland, Belgium, France

    South Europe: Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria,

    South America: Colombia

    C. The contact:

    The import and export company of Wafangdian Bearing co., Ltd.

    Wang Lin General manager

    Tel: 86 411 3911 8866

    Email: wangl@zwz-bearing.com

    Ye Qiang Vice general manager

    Tel: 86 411 3911 8868

    Email: zwzyq@zwz-bearing.com

    Fax: 86 411 30118880

    Web: ww.zwz-bearing.com